Amazing Card Arcade Built By A Young Boy

Creativity and ingenuity are not dependant on age. This fact was proven by the little boy who built his own arcade from the card boards. Who knew this little 9 year boy would become a talk of the town in  a few days. The boy, whose name is Caine wanted an arcade and it was his dream to have one, so he started building his own Arcade. As time passed, he kept making games there, any thing he could imagine, he just rolled it out using cardboards, tapes, scissors and strings.

Caine built his arcade at his dad’s repairing workshop. Though at the start he didn’t get any customer but his joys were at peak when he got his first customer one day. Nirvan Mullick was the person who got the chance to be his first customer and he actually visited for some car repair and found Caine with his arcade there. He suggested his dad to publicize his work through internet and get him more customers. Though the little boy worked hard to tell his friends at school that he has built an arcade but no one believed him, so we decided to give Caine a surprise by showing his work to the world today!

Check out the video of this young talented boy which was made by Nirvan Mullick (Yes, his first customer)

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