How to fix a slow iPhone backup

When you create iPhone backup or restore your phone, you notice that the process is very slow and it is taking forever. There could be many reasons for this slow backing up and restoring, so to overcome that you can use few tips which will increase the speed. These are some of the tips which

Home button of iPhone becomes unresponsive

Most often you see home button of iPhone becomes slow to response, delays, and unresponsive when you tap it. This could be related to hardware issue, and reason for this happening is moisture generated in pad, dropping phone or some other possible issues. As result, this home button gives delay, lags and becomes unresponsive at

How to fix slow running of iPhone or iPad

When you upgrade your iPhone or iPad to new iOS, or install applications, you may feel slowness in your device working. Nowadays, when people are upgrading their devices to iOS 5, they are having slow running, sluggish performance and tapping taking too much time to perform the function issues. This is not any hardware issue,