How to fix slow running of iPhone or iPad

When you upgrade your iPhone or iPad to new iOS, or install applications, you may feel slowness in your device working. Nowadays, when people are upgrading their devices to iOS 5, they are having slow running, sluggish performance and tapping taking too much time to perform the function issues. This is not any hardware issue, but it is related to software updates. If you are facing these issues, you should upgrade iOS to 5.0.1. OS, but if you are already on 5.0.1 OS, you will have to restore your iOS device then. You will make backup of your data and restore the device by following these steps.

  • You will connect the iOS device to the computer and open iTunes, now right click on the particular device and select back up, it will take some time to a create backup of your device data.
  • When the backup is finished, you will click on restore and iOS device will start restoring and cleaning.
  • When this device will complete the restoring process, you will go back to iTunes again, here you will right click on the device name, and select ‘restore from backup’. It will restore once again from backup, when it is finished you will see significant change in device working.

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