IPhone Firmware 2.1 Is Useful To Fix the Voicemail Password Incorrect Popup

There has been a positive response from the iPhone users about iPhone firmware 2.1. Most of the problems like slow iPhone syncs, 3G reception issues, dropped calls, Apple logo screen of Death problem have normally been fixed with the iPhone firmware 2.x.x.

With iPhone firmware 2.1 there are some issues that are still to be observed by the users. As you upgrade to iPhone firmware 2.1 you will easily know how to fix the problem.

Incorrect Error Message for the Voice Mail Password: 

The best solution is to reset the voicemail password as you are getting a message during a phone call as “Password Incorrect-Enter Voicemail Password”. In order to reset your voicemail password the AT&T support website provides you three methods for that:

From AT&T automated system reset the voicemail password:

  • You should call 611 or the wireless number to be entered for the particular area code.
  • To “get help with voicemail” you have to press 3.
  • For resetting your VM password just press 3.
  • Billing zip code to be entered for the account.
  • You will see that your iPhone will display “Password Incorrect- Enter Voicemail Password” after few seconds.
  • Of your wireless phone number you are to then enter the last seven digits and press OK.

From AT&T website reset the voicemail password:

First of all you need to go to the home page of my Wireless Account, select your device or phone and then from the left column select the Reset Voice Mail Pin link.

From the dropdown menu you have select the wireless number so that for any of the lines on the account you can reset the password. After that click Submit.

Now you will see that “Password Incorrect- Enter Voicemail Password” option will be displayed in front of you after a few seconds.  Of your wireless phone number you need to enter the last seven digits and then press OK.


From voicemail box change the voicemail password:

  • First of all you need to press the Home key.
  • Now the phone icon should be tapped.
  • After that tap the Keypad icon.
  • Hold the “1” key and then tap it.
  • Current voicemail password should be entered.
  • If you want to change the voicemail password then tap “4”, “2”, and “1”.
  • Your iPhone will now display “Password Incorrect- Enter Voicemail Password”, so need to enter a new one and press OK.

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