New Online File Sharing Service

Bored? Want a watch some cartoon or listen to some long forgotten and deleted song? How about free mp3 downloading or a movie download? There are a lot of this stuff uploaded on the free sharing services such as Megaupload or Rapidshare… So many files, so many sharing servers, so little time and patience. Luckily we can search almost all of them at the same time. is the service which can help you to search in its huge file database. The service collects information about uploaded files from more then 30 file sharing sites and gives you the download link in one click. What are you going to do? Mp3 downloading? Just click the corresponding checkbox and type the name of the artist or song. In the search options you can choose the file type(mp3, video, archive, CD/DVD, etc.), approximate filesize, and the list of the filesharing sites you want to search. Good search.


And even better. There is the special software they offer for downloading. GeneralDownloader designed to deal with all usual things we meet at the filesharing services – now-wait-for-60-seconds  things, visit-the-page-of-our-sponsors things, watch-some-flashy-popups things. They say this software even solve the captchas if there is some and if it can’t – request the help of the user.

Well, and the best thing is – no registration, everything is free.

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