Free Songs on the Internet

“Do you remember that song: La-laaa-la-la-la…? – Yeah, man, that was the song! I still remember the name of the band and the names of all those guys.. Gosh, I would listen to it right now!”

Ok, what next? Where you can find it? Go to the convenience store behind the corner and buy a CD? Yeah, sure…

We have an internet, but it is way too big and messy, you have to know the places to get what you need, but instead you always get just millions of pop-ups and “Please, sign in to proceed” signs.

All right, I know one place where you won’t get any of the usual problems. You were looking for free mp3 downloads? Thousands and thousands files uploaded to some remote servers and now you can find them all and download mp3 for free. is the service that searches through the huge database of the files legally posted to the internet. It doesn’t require any registration – just go to the main page, put in the searchbox the title of the song or the name of the artist, press ‘Find’. Search engine will search its database which at the moment has about 1.5 million files indexed – surely you will find the song you were looking for. Then you can listen to it online or download it to your computer. Enjoy the free mp3 downloading at!

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