New useful tricks in iOS 4

There are bundles of new features that Apple has been added in iOS 4. It is quite difficult to keep track of all new features or install them into your iPhone device. So, you need to choose few of specific features that are useful, cool and exciting. Here I suggest you few new features that you must have and these are Camera toggle, mute audio/video FaceTime and iBooks.

Camera Toggle

If you use FaceTime then you might be familiar with this term. This feature is much more important as front facing camera is need of FaceTime video calling feature that is not available in previous iPhone models. If you have iPhone 4, then you can use rear facing camera rather than front camera in order to make video call.

Mute Audio or Video through FaceTime

Sometimes you need to mute only audio/video when video call is on. You can mute video simply by navigating from FaceTime screen to other program. Audio mute option is also quite easy. Just click on microphone icon located on application screen and it will mute audio.

Convert iBooks to audiobooks

VoiceOver for iBooks feature will read the sentences for you. To get this cool feature, enable VoiceOver function. Go to Setting from home screen, tap on “general” and then Accessibility. From here you can enable VoiceOver option.

Open book that you want to make it read through VoiceOver. Tap on first line and make selection of entire page with your two fingers. It will start reading your book.

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