Three simplest ways to access the Twitter on your iPhone device

Are you a Twitter user and addicted to this fast social network? Do you know different ways to how to use Twitter on your iPhone device? If your answer is “not” then this tutorial will tell you various options of using Twitter.

Twitter is a free social network that users can easily access via their iPhone device. If you use Twitter regularly from your iPhone then you might be familiar with any of the below ways. But you also might want to know what the other ones are. So have a look at below.


  • Go to Twitter website from your iPhone model and verify your iPhone number.
  • Send messages to number 40404. By using this option, you will be enjoying free monthly SMS for each updates on Twitter.

Instant Messenger

Fortunately Twitter supports chat addresses including AIM, Gtalk, Jabber and also Livejournal. Moreover, you can use few of instant messaging clients that are clients based such as JiveTalk and Mundu IM iPhone edition. These web based clients allow instant messages on iPhone and also support Gtalk and AIM.

Mobile Twitter Website

Simply navigate to your iPhone Safari browser from Home Screen and open the web page:

Now you can use it in similar way you do on Twitter website on your computer.

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