Twitter Officially Shuts Down Vine To Revamp It As ‘Vine Camera’

Today, the popular short-video sharing app owned by Twitter – Vine, will officially become Vine Camera. An announcement that Twitter made three months ago shared that they would pull the plug on Vine. They then made another announcement a couple weeks later to share that the service would instead be shifted to “Vine Camera”. This

This Is How The Internet Works!

Millions of users access internet every day. United States leads the race of all time top users of internet. Internet speed varies from place to place and location to location. Ever wondered how the internet works? If not, then I am sure that you will get your answer after watching this infographic. Many of us

Popular Websites Dressed Up

The most visited websites on net are your social websites like Facebook, twitter or there is always a tab next to them opened for Youtube, and for those continuous mail checkers yahoo or Google is another tab right next to it. But lets imagine if one would like to make dresses of these sites! Now we know that

Three simplest ways to access the Twitter on your iPhone device

Are you a Twitter user and addicted to this fast social network? Do you know different ways to how to use Twitter on your iPhone device? If your answer is “not” then this tutorial will tell you various options of using Twitter. Twitter is a free social network that users can easily access via their

Best Tech Moments of 2011

Whatever state the economy maybe in, it has never impeded technology in its efforts (atleast significantly). 2011 was also no different; from the launch of iPhone 4s to Google+, this year proved to be one great year for the techies. Today we present a list of some of the best technical moments of 2011. No

Top Chrome Extensions for a Better Google Plus Experience

Heard about the recent Google Plus phenomenon? Of course, you must have, or else you must have been living on Mars or something. And with Google Chrome’s rising market share, it is quite a possibility that you might be using the browser to access Google+. If so, here are some top Google Chrome extensions to

Rumor: Unlocked iPhone 4 To Hit U.S. On Wednesday

Unlocked iPhone 4 is believed to become an option for U.S. customers in Apple stores on Wednesday. The rumor comes courtesy of Twitter user @chronicwire, who apparently created the account around a week ago and swiftly started tweeting all kinds of alleged iPhone leaks and rumors. The latest is that four specific models–the MC603 (16GB,

Rumor: Silver iPhone 4S Believed To Be In Distribution In Australia

Twitter user, SebastienPeek, sent out an update a few hours ago, claiming that he himself saw a truck full of iPhone 4S prototypes heading towards Sydney, Australia. And according to Sebastien, like the iPod Touch, they had silver backs, instead of glass rear panels. This happens to be not the first time we’ve heard that

Top 10 Ways to Promote Facebook Fan Page

If you have a Facebook fan page, which by the way is for business purposes, then building a sizeable fan base is not an easy going. You ask your friends to “like” your page and ask them to ask their friends to “like” it and then you are struck. Well, today we’ll let you know

Top 10 Messenger

Instant messaging (IM) is a type of real –time communication between two or more people based on typed text. It also allows you to communicate through video conferencing. The text is communicated through various devices connected over a network such as the internet. There are several instant messaging services that help you to send messages