Top Chrome Extensions for a Better Google Plus Experience

Heard about the recent Google Plus phenomenon? Of course, you must have, or else you must have been living on Mars or something. And with Google Chrome’s rising market share, it is quite a possibility that you might be using the browser to access Google+. If so, here are some top Google Chrome extensions to further enhance your Plus experience.

No 10. Replies and More for Google+

This extension adds many extra functions to Google Plus on Chrome such as desktop notifications when you have a new message (you’ll have to turn it on first though). Here are some of the functions that this extension lends to your plus experience:

  • Reply and Reply to Author links for easy +mentions of other users
  • Ctrl+Enter and Shift+Enter submit a comment or post
  • “M” key post muting

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No 9. Surplus

It extension shows your all Google Plus comments and notifications in a pop-up window you don’t have to open a new tab for a quick check on your social experience. Additionally, it features:

  • Desktop Notifications
  • Notification sounds
  • Switching between multiple Google accounts

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No 8. -1 Minus One

Well, people kept asking for it on FB, but they never got it there so Google Plus’ flexibility gives you this essential. One thing though, only those people who have installed this extension will be able to see a ‘-1’ on a post.

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No 7. G+ Extended

This extension adds keyboard shortcuts to Google Plus so that working with it becomes a lot easier and faster. The shortcuts include pressing “+” for +1’ing a post and pressing “s” to share a post. The shortcuts work only when an individual post in the stream has focus.

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