Changing the Landscape of Reading with the Tablets

Reading literature has inspired people for thousands of years, from the first etchings on cave walls to painstakingly handwritten manuscripts, all the way through the modern printing press and today’s digital interface. The written word has gone through a massive transformation over the centuries, but the power to inspire has remained stationary throughout that change.

The Infinite Usb Ports

Working on the new ultra-books, have you ever felt short of the USB ports? Not a problem now! If you have also been experiencing shortage of USB ports in your laptop or tablet, and get confused where to plug remaining usb utilities, then stop worrying. There is a brilliant idea floating around the corner. Thanks

Self Repairing Coating For Your Gadgets

Now what more worst could it be than that you buy an expensive phone with all the glamour it carries and go to market to cover it up with some protective coating. But after some time you realize that the coating itself got damaged and now your beloved gadget is prone to scratches now. But BEHOLD now

Now Print Your Docs From FedEx

Since 2010 Google has been providing Cloud Print Services which (in case you don’t know) allows the user to print the document from their phones. Time to upgrade process! Now you can print your desired documents from any local FedEx office. And if you are any business person or a student who is worried for his assignments

LG Reveals A Bendable E-Reader

Many of us have a same complain about the E-reader we got. They are made of glass and they can break on applying even a little intolerable pressure or they get cracked when they are subjected to bending. So its always uncomfortable to carry such a device with you and one must have to be very

Best Tech Moments of 2011

Whatever state the economy maybe in, it has never impeded technology in its efforts (atleast significantly). 2011 was also no different; from the launch of iPhone 4s to Google+, this year proved to be one great year for the techies. Today we present a list of some of the best technical moments of 2011. No

Two More Tablets Unveiled to Beat iPad

It’s a tablet day at Computex, the trade show underway in Taiwan. ASUS has unleashed two tablets and an e-reader upon the world, while MSI has launched its own tablet named the WindPad.

Upcoming Tablets 2010

With the launch of Apple’s new iPad this week, everyone seems to have their eyes tuned into the tablet market. Everybody’s talking about tablets, especially those single-pane capacitive touchscreen ones more specifically known as “slates.” The iPad is the biggest newsmaker, but there are lots headed our way (most with built-in webcams). Here’s how they measure