Self Repairing Coating For Your Gadgets

Now what more worst could it be than that you buy an expensive phone with all the glamour it carries and go to market to cover it up with some protective coating. But after some time you realize that the coating itself got damaged and now your beloved gadget is prone to scratches now. But BEHOLD now

LG Reveals A Bendable E-Reader

Many of us have a same complain about the E-reader we got. They are made of glass and they can break on applying even a little intolerable pressure or they get cracked when they are subjected to bending. So its always uncomfortable to carry such a device with you and one must have to be very

New Samsung Galaxy S3 Leaked Specs

The hottest phone of the year and the award winning best mobile phone of era was Samsung Galaxy s2. More than 20 Million phones sold and still counting! The sleek, slim, super fast and super amazing phone took the interest of the mobile market. Even the predecessor of S2 was a big success for Samsung

Toss Your Phone Now With TheO

There are alot of accessories and mini gadgets for your smart phones and tablets that help you change and standardize the way you use them. But now we came across some thing new and different from all those toys for smart phones. Well this time its TheO a big foam ball which does a pretty nice job.

This Is Awesome To Charge Your Battery!

Now thats awesome and funny as well. The scientists from Wake Forest University have produced a thermoelectric cloth. This cloth can actually charge your phone batteries. The phenomenon is simple and amazingly cool. There is a definite need of charging your cell mostly when you are out at any place where there is no electricity or charger. The

Are You Phone Addicted? Check Here

Today Cell phone is a common hand gadget that every person posses. Manufactures of phones have been producing a variety of cells and gaining the interest of market. Its even confusing to decide which phone one should take for him on his/her next birthday, since their is a vast variety in cell at market. The

Prevent Your Children Texting While Driving!

Every year there is a huge number of accidents while driving and most of them are due to the usage of cell phone while driving. Inspite of making awareness to to public and imposing fines on using cell phones during driving we found the graph to rising to an alarming limit. The investigations reported that the major amount of