This Is Awesome To Charge Your Battery!

Now thats awesome and funny as well. The scientists from Wake Forest University have produced a thermoelectric cloth. This cloth can actually charge your phone batteries. The phenomenon is simple and amazingly cool. There is a definite need of charging your cell mostly when you are out at any place where there is no electricity or charger. The thermoelectric cloth actually works on heat, when ever it gets heat it starts producing charge which ultimately brings charging for you phone battery. Now where to provide that heat its simple as suggested by the creators. Well you actually sit on your battery with the thermoelectric cloth over it and charge it. It sounds funny but that the positive use of your body heat. Now the person sitting idle can be used to do nothing but saving the planet as by charging the batteries of friends and family. The cloth is a expensive due to its different kind of production but it actually will help alot in making revolution in daily life. Just think about right now you might be charging your battery while reading this article. Thats the positive use of things on the same time!

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