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Top 10 Apps That Make Your Life More Efficient

Inventions have always been made because a need was felt to do a certain work more easily and in less time. Hence, need is the mother of invention. Inventors are always coming up with stuff that makes working easier and fun. Along the same lines, smart phones are smart because of the efficient apps that

The World’s Slimmest Smart Phone is Here!

The Title of the World’s Slimmest smart phone was previously awarded to Huawei because of its dashing smartphone “Ascend P1 S”, but now the title remains no more with them since a hidden company named “Oppo” in China has revealed the World’s slimmest smart phone. The phone itself is not named yet but its leaked picture is on web

Toss Your Phone Now With TheO

There are alot of accessories and mini gadgets for your smart phones and tablets that help you change and standardize the way you use them. But now we came across some thing new and different from all those toys for smart phones. Well this time its TheO a big foam ball which does a pretty nice job.

Pegasus Sculpture Made From 3500 Phones

The creativity and art have no bound where this time it is a giant sculpture totally made up of smart phones and was brought out in front of the entrance to the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona. Now this antique work looked amazing and its surely a hell of work as all the smart phones