Toss Your Phone Now With TheO

There are alot of accessories and mini gadgets for your smart phones and tablets that help you change and standardize the way you use them. But now we came across some thing new and different from all those toys for smart phones. Well this time its TheO a big foam ball which does a pretty nice job. It actually uses the accelerometer and gyroscope of you smart phone.

We admitted to say that its quite fun to use this foam type thing. Now its actually a ball type rounded foam in which your phone actually fits in, and the interesting thing is that you phone sets into it perfectly as this TheO device was made for your phone. As you plug in your phone in it there are three free apps given by TheO which can be used as fun to play. The apps are bowling, hot potato and interrogo further more third parties are also invited to make some fun apps in which there is use of TheO.

The most important thing is that your phone remains safe in this big ball, no worries whether you throw, snatch, kick or do any thing with it, its a good toy to keep your family having fun. There is still no sign of pricing of this gadget and the availability. Watch the video to have a look at the thing usability.

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