LG’s New TV Is Ultra-thin, Bendable & Can Be Attached To Your Wall With Magnets

Room designers tend to have a problem with redesigning a room when there is a flat screen TV mounted to the wall by way of a hook that has been nailed into it. It can also be expensive and time-consuming when you have just bought your TV and want to have it up. LG now

LG Introduces World’s Slimmest Full HD Panel

Tech world companies are striving for revolutionary ideas to surprise the world every day with something new. And this time LG has done it, the Korean company has officially announced the World’s slimmest smartphone screen. The 5.2-inch panel is just 2.2 millimeters thin framed by a 2.3 millimeter bezel. Company has used advance one glass

LG Reveals A Bendable E-Reader

Many of us have a same complain about the E-reader we got. They are made of glass and they can break on applying even a little intolerable pressure or they get cracked when they are subjected to bending. So its always uncomfortable to carry such a device with you and one must have to be very

Top 10 Touchscreen Phones for 2012

Innovation, adaptability, improvisation and proficiency comprised together to give birth to a new generation of cell phones which are more advanced, capable of doing multitasking at an elevated speed, allows you to have a full control over your business whenever you are on the go. This evolution led the formation of new class of cell

LG Optimus 2X, the first dual-core smart phone!

Faster gameplay, crisp clear audio quality and seem less full 1080 HD video playback. Is this all you want on your smartphone? LG Optimus 2x is the answer to all this!