LG Reveals A Bendable E-Reader

Many of us have a same complain about the E-reader we got. They are made of glass and they can break on applying even a little intolerable pressure or they get cracked when they are subjected to bending. So its always uncomfortable to carry such a device with you and one must have to be very careful if he tries to carry it normally like other handheld items. Few days ago, LG unveiled their new bendable e-reader, its as thin as six normal papers joined together, it can support bends upto 40 degrees and instead making the back with some hard material its also made up of plastic to give a easy usage and bendable functionality to this e-reader. The device is 6 inches which makes it neither a tablet nor a phone but a perfect note to hold in hand. The resolution of this e-reader is 1024 x 768 pixels, which sounds great. It can withstand a five feet drop without any damage to device. LG did not revealed what type of technology they are using in it, so lets wait till next month by the time it arrives in market.

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