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Pegasus Sculpture Made From 3500 Phones

The creativity and art have no bound where this time it is a giant sculpture totally made up of smart phones and was brought out in front of the entrance to the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona. Now this antique work looked amazing and its surely a hell of work as all the smart phones

Are You Phone Addicted? Check Here

Today Cell phone is a common hand gadget that every person posses. Manufactures of phones have been producing a variety of cells and gaining the interest of market. Its even confusing to decide which phone one should take for him on his/her next birthday, since their is a vast variety in cell at market. The

Best Buy: Buy One 32 GB iPhone 4 And Get Another For Free

Best buy introduced a unique but attractive buy one get one free promo for iPhone on this Saturday. Subscribers who bought 32GB iPhone 4 with contract of $200 were offered another iPhone for free. The only requisite was both the iPhones have to be on same carrier like AT&T or Verizon. Other stores like Radio

Apple’s Users Spend 19% More On Shopping Online Than Android’s

RichRelevance, a retail customization firm, conducted a non-orthodox deep research about different mobile users’ online shopping behavior this week. Study reveals that iPhone and iPad users spend more on the content online than they spend on mobile actually. 3.4billion online shopping transactions were monitored between April and December; about 92% mobile visits were from users

iPhone Marks 4th Anniversary In Changed World

On Wednesday, the iPhone marked its fourth anniversary. The first smartphone of the company was sold on June 29, 2007 and was the official start to what would become iOS and arguably Apple’s key business. Apple sold only 273,000 devices that opening weekend on one carrier and one country but today it ships almost as

Apple Stores Now Able To Unlock AT&T iPhones At Full Price

It has been proven by an internal memo for Apple retail staff that US Apple Stores now have limited authority to unlock AT&T iPhones. If a buyer wants an unlocked iPhone 4 but finds the pre-configured models out of stock, staff can now sell an AT&T iPhone at full price as “Device Only” to get

Analyst: iPhone 4 Still ‘By Far’ The Bestseller At AT&T, Verizon

iPhone 4, in spite of seeming pressure, is the top-selling smartphone at AT&T and Verizon by a broad margin, Canaccord Genuity said in a new research note. Checks demonstrated that the Apple phone was still “by far” the most admired in May and June, even after the arriving of phones like Samsung Infuse 4G and