YouTube Vloggers that You Must Follow on Youtube

V Log – Short term for Video Log is  form of blog that make use of video as a medium. YouTube which is included in the top 3 visited sites on the web has a lot of channels where Vloggers present themselves through their  personal videos of their travels or their interests. Here we came

Youtube’s Most Popular Channel Permanently Disables Comments!

Felix Kjellberg, the world’s most popular YouTuber just topped 30 million subscribers and yet he still has his doubts about part of Youtube’s system. Apparently, the man who goes by the name PewDiePie on Youtube is simply not a fan of the comment system and has taken a drastic step by permanently disabling the feature.

This Is How The Internet Works!

Millions of users access internet every day. United States leads the race of all time top users of internet. Internet speed varies from place to place and location to location. Ever wondered how the internet works? If not, then I am sure that you will get your answer after watching this infographic. Many of us

Flutter Translates Your Gestures Via Your Cam

Everybody waiting for Kinect integrated laptops can now enjoy a limited little fun on their laptops via this Flutter app which makes your webcam your little Kinect sensor. Though this Flutter app is just a app which is not like Kinect as it lacks infared sensors and all gesture capturing abilities, but it can give you

Popular Websites Dressed Up

The most visited websites on net are your social websites like Facebook, twitter or there is always a tab next to them opened for Youtube, and for those continuous mail checkers yahoo or Google is another tab right next to it. But lets imagine if one would like to make dresses of these sites! Now we know that

10 Largest Databases of the World

You know Google is big, you know even Facebook is big, with its users approaching a billion. But perhaps you don’t know how massive these companies are. Today, we present to you a list of some of the largest databases of the modern age. Let’s get started and just keep in mind that size alone

Removing YouTube account without disclosing personal information

In order to close a YouTube account and if a person has sold all the rights to his videos, so he want to make sure that as soon as he closes his account, would his videos and personal information would also be removed. To satisfy yourself completely from removing all the information you need to

8 Things Google Plus has over Facebook

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if said that Google Plus has taken the social networking scene by storm. Google Plus has grabbed attention of all the technologists and people are dying for an invite to it’s not so limited testing phase. Group video chat and a 100 million dollar investment known as Google games are two things

Youtube made them Rich and Famous!

With YouTube becoming the most influenced video sharing web database, some of the biggest YouTube stars are bagging six-figures salaries by just a click of their videos. According to a research by an analytical firm TubeMogul following are the top ten earners of YouTube from the last year. 10- Natalie Tran A Vietnamese-Australian comic, she

Top 10 Ways to Promote Facebook Fan Page

If you have a Facebook fan page, which by the way is for business purposes, then building a sizeable fan base is not an easy going. You ask your friends to “like” your page and ask them to ask their friends to “like” it and then you are struck. Well, today we’ll let you know