Youtube’s Most Popular Channel Permanently Disables Comments!

Felix Kjellberg, the world’s most popular YouTuber just topped 30 million subscribers and yet he still has his doubts about part of Youtube’s system. Apparently, the man who goes by the name PewDiePie on Youtube is simply not a fan of the comment system and has taken a drastic step by permanently disabling the feature.

According to Kjellberg, the comment system gives YouTube and it’s parent company Google a very bad reputation with it’s spam filled advertising bots. The Swedish Game Commentator said that despite promises by the multi-billion dollar company to fix the system it’s still as terrible as ever.

Kjellberg believes that the time consumed from just going through spam on YouTube is not only overwhelming but draining. A fortnight ago he decided he had enough of Youtube and social media and took a one-week vacation in the process to make sure he was completely rejuvenated. Upon returning, he was greeted with layers of spam and was hardly able to find legitimate comments. “I go to the comments, and it’s mainly spam, it’s people self-advertising, people that are trying to provoke, people who reply to all these… just all this stuff that, to me, it doesn’t mean anything,” he said.

He previously disabled comments as a form of protests, but this time he says the action he has taken is permanent. It appears Twitter and Reddit will be his medium for communicating with fans, however he has not yet fully decided what his next step will be.



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