Top 10 Amazing Gadgets for Greener Earth

One of the main reasons of global warming is the excessive use of energy. Being gadget addicts we have to look forward for gadgets that uses energy meagerly and from a source which is a renewable one.  Here is a list of 10 gadgets that doesn’t cost the earth to increase our comfort.

1. Solar Cell Strap For Phones


Solar Panels are obviously the greenest source of energy. They are now available in different sizes and forms to meet your needs. For example look at this solar cell strap. This tiny solar cell can charge up your handset. Now you don’t have to worry if your cellphone battery runs out even if you’re in the middle of a desert.

2. Chromasun Solar Powered Hybrid Air Conditioner


An air-conditioner really uses huge power for chilling the inside of our rooms. But this unit consists of technology contains photovoltaic and solar thermal technology that harvest light and heat from the sun. It uses 95% less silicon than normal ones. This high efficiency air-conditioner is the one you should choose if you really need one.

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