Top 10 Amazing Gadgets for Greener Earth

5. Panasonic RISAIKURA MS-N53 Indoor Composter


Recycling is one of the key aspects to help the earth stay greener. What about your own home recycler. Yes, this gadget will turn your organic garbage like the food scraps into composts using its platinum-palladium catalyst. If you run it 3 hours, it will create composts ideal for fertilizing the plants and vegetables. Running it longer for six hours will ensure that the compost is further broken down which may be suitable for long term fertilization for trees.

6. Coral-200-Solar : a Solar Powered Handset


Like the Samsung Blue Earth, the Coral-200-Solar from Chinese manufacturer ZTE, also runs on solar power. Priced at only $40, this mobile is meant for the masses. The low price will attract many users to use this device which will ensure that at least the mobile chargers do not suck up the energy created by burining the fuels.

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