Ring Security Drone: In-Home Security Threat or Peace of Mind?

Is Amazon's Ring security drone real? How does it work? Is this a hackers entry point to your home, or is it a generational leap towards in-home security?

Gamers Alert ! Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick

Guys ! Look what we found . Now you can dive , maneuver & combat with the all new “Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick”. The stick maintains one’s strategic advantage in a competitive environment and makes user enjoy more in the stunning new combat environment. Lock and load your missiles, it’s time to make some mess

10 Largest Databases of the World

You know Google is big, you know even Facebook is big, with its users approaching a billion. But perhaps you don’t know how massive these companies are. Today, we present to you a list of some of the largest databases of the modern age. Let’s get started and just keep in mind that size alone

Kindle Fire Running Android 4.0

Kindle Fire is now a days very a popular tablet due to its lesser cost and all tablet acquired features. The demand of the tablet has raised its reputation in market and marketers, and forced them to consider Amazon kindle fire option as their first priority. Since the tablet costs you $199 rather then other

Amazon Imitates Apple With A 12-Day Giveaway Deal

Catching up with Apple, Amazon UK has come up with a similar 12-day giveaway deal.  The deal offers ebooks on a very low price, sometimes as low as under £3. It concentrates primarily on award winning and in demand novels. Similar to Apple’s 12 day deal, Amazon’s deal is also valid till 6th January. No such

28 Natural Wonders Finalist for 2012

These 28 new wonder of nature are finalized for the selection after public voting held by a major travel website. They are unique in nature and mysterious .The list of new 28 wonders are ready for the selection of 2012. 1. Angel Falls in Venezuela 2. Baby of Fundy in Canada 3. Black Forest in

New 2010 MacBook Air Dips Below $900, Refurb $749

As of Saturday, the price of new 2010 11.6-inch MacBook Air had fallen under $900 at Best Buy, in the wake of the launch of the 2011 models. And refurbs are now below $750 from Apple. While other retailers list the low-end 11.6-inch model (MC516LL/A) at just below $900, Best Buy is listing it at