Macbook Air

Make Your MacBook More Stylish

Lets see what we can do with that lovely glowing Apple logo at the back of your MacBook. Here we found a good collection of stickers which would definitely make you love your Macbook more than you do right now. These are creative designs which were made by awesome people around, in which they created a

Analyst: MacBook Air Will Keep On Generating Huge Sales

Mark Maskowitz, analyst at J.P. Morgan, states that MacBook Air will keep on generating huge sales and is going to retain its lead in market share despite the increasing competition from ultrabooks. He said, “Ultrabooks are not a competitive threat, yet they are highly-discretionary devices, and pricing on competitive offerings must fall below $800 before

MacBook Air Now Constitutes For Quarter Of Apple Laptop Sales

According to the research firm, Morgan Stanley, MacBook Air constitutes for quarter of Apple laptop sales during the month of October, 2011. The share of MacBook Air has gone up massively from only 8% in the first six months of 2011 to 28% in the tenth month i.e. October. According to many industry analysts, this

The MacBook Air Lands In China

Ticonderoga’s Brian White in a note to clients on Friday reported that the new MacBook Air, launched in the U.S. more than four weeks ago, on finally arriving in Hong Kong this week was welcomed with long lines and stock outs. This was not only the case with certain MacBook Air models but some iPads

Want To Buy A Macbook Air That Runs Windows? Acer’s Got A Perfect Rip Off!

All PC manufacturers are certainly envious of the Macbook Air as it has gotten such an overwhelming response all over the world. Now if you love the hardware of the Mac, but like better to buy a Windows PC; Acer is manufacturing a perfect rip off for you. Engadget got hold of an internal image,

Apple Places Order For 10 Million iPhone 5 Units Ahead Of September Launch

It’s increasingly looking like that rumor claiming the iPhone 5 won’t be getting launched until October was incorrect. Not only has it been reported that Apple has sent the fifth-generation device for carrier testing, a step taken only weeks before a scheduled launch, but according to DigiTimes, 10 million iPhone 5 units have been ordered by

Different Thunderbolt Chip Spotted In MacBook Airs

The Thunderbolt ports have joined the Apple’s Thunderbolt-equipped club earlier this month as they were found on the latest MacBook Airs. According to reports, the Thunderbolt controller found on the MacBook Air is a smaller version than the ones found on other Thunderbolt-equipped Macs so far. With other machines, Apple has been using a controller

Rumor: Apple Looking To Slim Down MacBook Pro

The notion of a slim notebook selling well seems to be working for the MacBook Air and this may also be where the MacBook Pro is headed. According to rhe Unofficial Apple Weblog, Apple seems probable to totally redesign its MacBook Pro line in favor of a thinner and lighter form factor. To get to

Apple’s Existing Mac Lines Tweaked For OS X Lion

While Apple launched new MacBook Air and Mac mini models alongside OS X Lion last week, the company also updated its other Mac lines to start shipping them with Lion. But Apple changed a little more than just the operating system on those models, as MacTrast details with a comparison of a new MacBook Pro

Apple Still Using SSDs With Varying Speeds On New MacBook Air

A couple of month ago, Apple appeared to be using two different suppliers, Samsung and Toshiba, for the solid-state drives (SSDs) on its MacBook Air models. Especially, the Samsung SSDs registered considerably faster read and write speeds than the Toshiba SSDs. User reports specified that Apple was in fact using both suppliers simultaneously, rather making