Give Your MacBook Pro Keyboard Some Woody Touch

If your are tired with the old looks of your MacBook Pro and you are thinking that its the right time for giving it a change then check out this new Lazer Wood Decal for your MacBook Pro keyboard. Undoubtedly its beautiful, reliable and eye catching. This new decal will bring a whole new sophisticated woody look to

Make Your MacBook More Stylish

Lets see what we can do with that lovely glowing Apple logo at the back of your MacBook. Here we found a good collection of stickers which would definitely make you love your Macbook more than you do right now. These are creative designs which were made by awesome people around, in which they created a

Mac OS X Lion Growth Rate Going Down

Over the last few months, the taking up of Mac OS X Lion has reduced considerably. In overall Mac user base, it has grown only by 2 percent in one complete month from 14 percent in September to 16 percent in October. Not to forget, Snow Leopard still stands with an obvious majority at 56

The MacBook Air Lands In China

Ticonderoga’s Brian White in a note to clients on Friday reported that the new MacBook Air, launched in the U.S. more than four weeks ago, on finally arriving in Hong Kong this week was welcomed with long lines and stock outs. This was not only the case with certain MacBook Air models but some iPads

MacBook Pro Refresh With Faster Core i7 CPUs Likely For Fall Release

With Intel’s next-generation Ivy Bridge mobile processors not expected until March 2012, it’s very much probable Apple will introduce a MacBook Pro refresh in the company’s traditional fall calendar envelope for laptop upgrades, somewhere from mid-October to late November, to maintain interest level up and goose sales a bit over the winter. That likelihood has

New MacBook Airs Are Indeed Speedy

As reported previously, Apple introduced third generation models of its ultraportable MacBook Air line earlier this week. Offered in 11 and 13-inches, the new Airs sport Intel core i5 and i7 processors, support for Bluetooth 4.0, faster RAM, and gratefully, a new backlit keyboard as well. Also in tow is Thunderbolt, Apple’s new transfer technology

Researcher: Mac Notebook Batteries Can Be Hacked

The chip that helps manage your Mac notebook’s battery could be the hottest target for attackers. A report in Forbes today states the findings of Accuvant security researcher Charlie Miller, who claims to have established rather lackluster security guarding the firmware that controls a range of notebook battery functions and data stores. Culling through a

MacBook Air Receives Update

Apple has along with the release of OS X Lion also updated the MacBook Air and subsequently removed the polycarbonate MacBook from sale. Packing brand new Intel processors, Thunderbolt connectivity and a backlit keyboard the latest MacBook Air is believed to pack “twice the performance of the previous generation”. “Portable, affordable and powerful, MacBook Air

‘Internet Recovery’ Lets New Macs Install OS X From Blank Hard Drive

Today, newly-introduced Macs namely Mac minis and MacBook Airs have been equipped with a new feature called “Internet Recovery” that downloads and installs OS X Lion even if your Mac has a failed or blank hard drive. Much of the concern around Lion being download-only was how to do a clean install after a hard

Rumor: Backlit Keyboards To Return With MacBook Air Refresh

Apple is going to rejuvenate the MacBook Air by restoring the backlighting feature which in turn would do away with the most common of problems users have been complaining about since the release of the second generation of MacBook Air. All the earlier versions were equipped with keyboard Backlighting which was somewhat baffling to the