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Intel Discards Idea Of ARM-Based MacBook Anytime Soon

Intel has discarded the idea of an ARM-based MacBook anytime soon. The debate regarding whether an ARM-based MacBook could arrive sooner rather than later has again ignited, this time courtesy of a Japanese rumor site, which claims that A5-equipped MacBook Air has been tested by Apple. Nonetheless, according to CNET, Intel believes that Apple will stick with Intel for at least in the near future.

Intel’s marketing chief Tom Kilroy said this on the matter:

“We’re very closely aligned with Apple. We’ve got our best design teams working with their best design teams. And we’re quite comfortable we’ve got good collaboration going forward.”

On the contrary, CNET spoke to Anand Shimpi who runs Anandtech, he believes that it is probable that Apple would be, at the very least, testing ARM-based notebooks:

“It’s not surprising to me that Apple would be experimenting with an ARM-based notebook. However, it would have to be running iOS – the experience under OS X would be suboptimal by Apple’s standards. Remember, this is what kept Apple from ever making a netbook based on [Intel’s] Atom.”

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