Mac OS X Lion

Mac OS X Lion Growth Rate Going Down

Over the last few months, the taking up of Mac OS X Lion has reduced considerably. In overall Mac user base, it has grown only by 2 percent in one complete month from 14 percent in September to 16 percent in October. Not to forget, Snow Leopard still stands with an obvious majority at 56

Always Show Scroll Bars In Mac OS X Lion

The scrollbars are hidden in Mac OS X Lion until activated; this is the new default behavior that works very well if you mostly use a trackpad with your Mac. I use an external mouse with my Mac pretty often, and I find the hidden scrollbars to be bothersome when I do. That’s my reason

How To Get Your Library Folder Back In Mac OS X Lion

With Mac OS X 10.7 Lion installed, you may have noticed that some of your folders are missing. Most importantly, the Library folder in your user account seems to have gone. This folder has almost all the data that applications save without asking you, from your mail messages to calendars, preferences to virtual disks. So

Apple May Surprise With June 14 Launch Of Mac OS X Lion

Unconfirmed reports from a number of sources have revealed that Apple might leave the fans open-mouthed with an early release of the Mac OS X Lion. Earlier, Apple had officially announced that they would launch the eighth main release of the Mac OS X, the upgrade was, however; set to be publicized in summer 2011