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Make Your MacBook More Stylish

Lets see what we can do with that lovely glowing Apple logo at the back of your MacBook. Here we found a good collection of stickers which would definitely make you love your Macbook more than you do right now. These are creative designs which were made by awesome people around, in which they created a

MacBook Pro: Faster Processor With More Robust Video Chip

Apple has tweaked its MacBook Pro line with faster processors and more robust video chips. The 13-inch model costing US$1,199 now packs a 2.4GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor and a 500GB, 5400RPM hard drive. Moreover, the $1,499 model comes with a 2.8GHz Core i7 and a 750GB, 5400RPM hard drive. Similarly, the 15-inch MacBook

OWC Releases Update For Mac-compatible Mercury SSD Firmware

Other World Computing, Mac upgrade vendor, is the producer of the famous Mercury line of SSD upgrades that is installed on most of the Macs worldwide. Issues of firmware were found in early revisions of the drives that resulted in the ending up of some machines into sleep mode. Therefore, if an early revision of

MacBook Pro 3G Prototype Shows Up

A prototype MacBook Pro 15″ with a built-in 3G cellular modem has been put up for sale on eBay. Apart from a 3G antenna and SIM card slot, the 2007 model is generally an ordinary MacBook Pro with a Core 2 Duo chip, although there’s some additional soldering and the motherboard is red which is

NVIDIA Drivers Giving 2010 MacBook Pro Owners Lion Upgrade Headaches

Users of last year’s MacBook Pro models with NVIDIA GPUs are coming across a number of problems upgrading to Lion. Problems in the NVIDIA graphics drivers that shipped with OS X 10.7 appear to be the root cause of kernel panics and system freezes that leave MacBook Pro with a blank black screen. At the

Different Thunderbolt Chip Spotted In MacBook Airs

The Thunderbolt ports have joined the Apple’s Thunderbolt-equipped club earlier this month as they were found on the latest MacBook Airs. According to reports, the Thunderbolt controller found on the MacBook Air is a smaller version than the ones found on other Thunderbolt-equipped Macs so far. With other machines, Apple has been using a controller

Apple’s Existing Mac Lines Tweaked For OS X Lion

While Apple launched new MacBook Air and Mac mini models alongside OS X Lion last week, the company also updated its other Mac lines to start shipping them with Lion. But Apple changed a little more than just the operating system on those models, as MacTrast details with a comparison of a new MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro Refresh With Faster Core i7 CPUs Likely For Fall Release

With Intel’s next-generation Ivy Bridge mobile processors not expected until March 2012, it’s very much probable Apple will introduce a MacBook Pro refresh in the company’s traditional fall calendar envelope for laptop upgrades, somewhere from mid-October to late November, to maintain interest level up and goose sales a bit over the winter. That likelihood has

Apple Discontinues $999 White MacBook

In the middle of news, updates and product releases, the US$999 white plastic MacBook has officially been axed by Apple, which has held down the low-cost end of Apple’s laptop line for years. According to reports, the notebook was bumped off by the brand new US$999 MacBook Air, which supports a Thunderbolt port and Intel

Extending MacBook Pro Speed And Capacity With Dual Drive Upgrades

It is confirmed that when compared to a mechanical hard drive, the new solid state drive (SSD) technology is by far superior in terms of speed. However, price may be a limiting factor for upgrading as SSD is extremely expensive, one option could be to create a hybrid SSD environment to give yourself the best