Give Your MacBook Pro Keyboard Some Woody Touch

If your are tired with the old looks of your MacBook Pro and you are thinking that its the right time for giving it a change then check out this new Lazer Wood Decal for your MacBook Pro keyboard. Undoubtedly its beautiful, reliable and eye catching. This new decal will bring a whole new sophisticated woody look to

OWC Releases Update For Mac-compatible Mercury SSD Firmware

Other World Computing, Mac upgrade vendor, is the producer of the famous Mercury line of SSD upgrades that is installed on most of the Macs worldwide. Issues of firmware were found in early revisions of the drives that resulted in the ending up of some machines into sleep mode. Therefore, if an early revision of

Apple Releases Updates For Boot Camp And iMac Graphic Firmware

Late Wednesday, a pair of updates to exterminate lingering bugs was released by Apple: one for Boot Camp, and the other for the firmware in iMacs’ graphics processors. Boot Camp Software Update 3.3 offers revised Windows support for Macs running Boot Camp 3.x. Apple notes that update supplies “critical bug fixes and hardware support.” The

Apple Issues Recall For Some iMac Hard Drives

A notice has been issued by Apple of a recall of potentially defective 1 TB Seagate hard drives installed in iMacs sold in-between May and July of 2011. Apple has offered the replacement of possibly defective drives free of charge until July 23, 2012. The drives installed in both the 21.5 and 27-inch configurations of

Magnetic Field iMacs Could Wirelessly Charge Future iPhones

According to a report published last week in Wall Street Journal, Apple is experimenting with a new method of charging its 2012 iPhone. After a little digging into the issue, it has been discovered that a company called WiTricity has been working to commercialize a technology developed at MIT. This technology sends power wirelessly through

Best Way To Cool Your iMac

It is observed that the upper left hand corner of the iMac has some sort of an air pocket that traps extreme heat from the graphics card there. And shortly results into the damaging of the screen/ graphics card. The simplest way to enduringly fix your overheating 24″ Imac (iMac6.1 iCore 2 Duo at least,

Apple Releases iMac Graphics Firmware Update 2.0

A firmware update for iMac systems has been released by Apple that addresses problems where iMacs have been hanging during start-up or when waking from sleep. Regrettably which specific iMac models are eligible for this update has not been specified by Apple.   The contents of the updater file show the Flasher utility is for

Apple files ‘iMac Touch’ patent

Imagine having an iMac on your desktop one minute and a gigantic iPad the next. Imagine playing iGames on a dream machine. Imagine reading a double-page book on a single screen. Apple takes the mystery out of how iOs can finally exist with OS-X.

Apple Unveils Multitouch Magic Trackpad – Price and Review

Apple on Tuesday unveiled its long-rumored Magic Trackpad, a multitouch input device for your Mac desktop. The wireless, Bluetooth-powered Trackpad behaves much like the multitouch trackpads on recent MacBook Pros, incorporating a host of swipes and gestures to better navigate your computer. The Magic Trackpad is a single surface; the trackpad is the button–again, just

Apple Magic Mouse: How to Make Vertical Scrolling and Swiping to Work in Windows

So you like Apple’s fancy Magic Mouse? Its a beautiful piece of engineering with an insane price tag of $70. Problem is, even at $70, it only works on Macs leaving Windows users in the dust. But thanks to a new update; here is how you get this little guy to work in Windows XP