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Tips: Make Battery last longer on your iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS

Majority of iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS users are facing short battery life problem. Well! It’s not like Apple has not improved the battery as these both devices awesome in all aspects and nobody can expect that these devices contain short battery life. If you also notice that your iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 battery

Analyst: iPhone Battery Drain Is Software Bound

Micheal Morgan, an ABI Research mobile device expert, is in agreement with Ars Technica testers in that iPhone’s battery drain is software bound, not hardware. Therefore, Cupertino will eventually have to come up with a new firmware update in order to fix the power management problem. According to Morgan, the company must roll out the fix

Apple Says iOS 5 Bugs Responsible For iPhone Battery Drain

What a lot of users were saying has finally been acknowledged by Apple that the iPhone 4S has some kind of trouble which causes shortening of its battery life. On Wednesday, Apple confirmed identification of some bugs causing few iPhone customers to experience less-than-optimum battery life while running the latest iOS 5 software. Apple said,

iPhones And Other Gadgets Get A Charge From Bus Shelter Ads

You need not worry about your iPhone or iPad battery on its last legs the next time you’re waiting for that bus that is really, really late. Thanks to a creative ad company and the Vitaminwater brand, bus shelters in quite a few American cities are being equipped with a USB port for charging. Currently,

Magnetic Field iMacs Could Wirelessly Charge Future iPhones

According to a report published last week in Wall Street Journal, Apple is experimenting with a new method of charging its 2012 iPhone. After a little digging into the issue, it has been discovered that a company called WiTricity has been working to commercialize a technology developed at MIT. This technology sends power wirelessly through

Inductive Charging Pads For Future iPhone And iPad?

At times electronic devices seem almost magic. Charging pads are sort of a small place mat having a wire that leads off to an electrical outlet. Rechargeable electronic devices as a cellphone or iPod are simply placed on the mat, face up and the device comes to life with the screen showing charging on the

Solar Charging Case For Your iPhone

There happens to be no reason why you can’t love your iPhone and still try to be friendly to the environment. The SoL Solar Charging Case allows you power up your iPhone 4 using the natural power of the Sun an it costs only $90. The case is also available for several other models of