Download Mp3 songs at Cheap Rates

Who needs cheap mp3? Oh, who doesn’t?!  Prices for single mp3 file are dropped down in last few years, thanks god for fast connections. And now we know that it is not so illegal as we were told before. Distribution is illegal, but you can download  mp3 files and listen to them as much as you want. Nobody can prohibit all those web-sites that sells cheap mp3 files as they do not break the laws of their countries. So, now we just to find the cheapest of them.

Not long ago I found that site with whattahell name Ok, they have that much tracks in the library, and they can offer you the ringtones for downloading, topsearches, US-top, UK-top and so on. Common cheap mp3 site. Let’s see the prices – you can see them without signing up. One track costs $0.16. Well, thats more like it! How about discounts? Sign up (took 25 seconds), go to ‘Add Funds’ page – yes, there are discounts. No discount for the minimal payment ($16) but if you add $48 you will get $32 for free. About 67% free. Thats what I call cheap mp3.

Fraud? Don’t think so – there are hundreds of the sites that collects information about unreliable websites, but this far I couldn’t dig up any dirt on iomoio.

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