New Webhosting Review Site

Imagine – you are going to start your own web-site(whatever it will be). So, you need a hosting server. Ever tried to ask google something like “hosting server” or “web-hosting”? Millions of the results. Most of the offers you see among these results – too expensive or suspiciously cheap, or has some other imperfections, limitations, bugs etc.

We need a web hosting review.  Somehow I got here – On the main page we see the top-10 list with the description what are the criteria were used to rank up those servers – reliability, uptime, features, bonuses, etc. – all mixed together. Not really what we were looking for. Let’s say we want to see some VPS hosting review – click the corresponding link and see some VPS servers arranged by the price and accompanied by reviews. Also at this page we can see brief description of what the VSP servers are for, what are their pros and cons – quite educational for people who isn’t very keen on web creating. At the review page we can see more detailed information on this particular server – disk space granted to the user, connection speed and other important server’s characteristics.


Very interesting part – chatlog with the customer support. As the author says, for him it is very important criteria in choosing a good web service. Well, cannot disagree. Support is very important part of this kind of services.

And the last but not least – customer reviews, where you can read some comments by the people who already  had some business with the reviewed service

So, choose your hosting and CYO 🙂

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