Powerful Video Convertor

Though most of the time i am pretty happy with my current software set, but my internal curiosity sometimes pushes me to searching for replacements. For today, i decided to check if there’s some advanced video converter available. As a Mac user, i have pretty good set of system utilites, but i really got tired of them, so i decided to look for something else. And here it comes — an ultimate converter — Movavi.

When I’ve read about its features I  understood that it can be alpha and omega of video transcoding for me and though i am not a video processing professional, Movavi will continue to work for me even if i become one — it can perform transcoding between 170 media formats, including HD. Afraid to get lost in this vortex of information? No problem — Movavi has built–in format presets, so you don’t waste time remembering the parameters of your favorite media player, phone, tablet or whatever you have (and i don’t mean only well–known devices — it works with more then 180 portable devices without any additional software or drivers).

And most important things are automation (so you can set a list of files to be converted and leave for lunch, for example) and CUDA support (why waste the power of your graphic card if its processor can speed up the conversion). Movavi is the ultimate choice for video conversion so it’s price (59.99 for home version) looks like a fair deal to me!

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