Some Safety Measures to Keep Your IPhone Secure

As reported that Apple is performing the duties to secure itself from certain flaws, so in the same manner for the iPhone users the iPhone industry is trying to make sure that there is no risk associated or reducing the risk in case of online identity stolen, losing valuable personal information and others.

In order to keep your iPhone secure you should follow some of these security tips:

How to Enable Passcode Lock:

When you are not using your iPhone the Auto Lock feature of it only locks the screen for the time it has been set for. To get access to the iPhone home screen you are to enter the four digit code for it. it is all to make sure that no other person can access your device. For the iPhone there is no need to enter a Passcode to lock it, by default. If you want to set the Passcode then simply select General > Passcode lock and enter 4 digit password.

How to use Wi-Fi safely on your iPhone:

 Whenever accessible the iPhone comes with Wi-Fi support so it allows you to connect to high speed Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi network you connect to should be secure using Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA). Just to avoid connecting to the unsecure networks the iPhone enables you to ask to Join Network function option, and is enabled on the iPhone by default.

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