Enabling The Feature To Add Reply-To in Mac OS X Mails

Most of the emails that are sent from our Mac OS X mail client usually do not hold the reply-to header in it. This option is not visible and Mac OS X tends to keep it concealed but there are ways through which the user can get this option enabled. The procedure to getting this option enabled, the steps to getting this option enabled are quite easy to understand. Once the basic essence of the topic grabbed, the users can easily add the header at will,

  • To enable the option through which Mac OS X would add the email header reply to in every mail you send. Open your terminal and then type “defaults read UserHeaders” and hit enter.
  • In case the command returns back, do enter a new command. “defaults write UserHeaders” and hit enter.
  • If the default line returned a value with the starting as “{“ and ending with “}”. Do highlight the entire line and it would depict a code that will read as Bcc or bcc@address.
  • Do press ctrl+c to copy it and than enter the command defaults write UserHeaders and than press ctrl+v
  • Enter the symbols “’“
  • Add “Reply-To”=”reply-to@address”; right in front of the closing tag “}” and now the line would read  as defaults write UserHeaders ‘{Bcc = “bcc@address”; “Reply-To” = “reply-to@address”; }’

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