Quitting multitask apps on the iPhone

Latest release of iOS 4 has introduced new features like multitasking in iphones and ipod, ipod touch. By this feature you can open more than one application in a time but quitting these apps running in the background is an issue to be addressed here. User can close all these unwanted application running at the background by following the given instructions:

  1. First of all double-clicking the Home button
  2. When the task manager list appears on the screen
  3. Tapping and holding your finger on an apps icon.
  4. A red icon appear in the left corner of the app icon
  5. Click on that the app closes.

This tip will help the users who are not aware of the method closing these multitasking applications as these consumes battery power and drain it quickly. BY doing soothe performance of executing the commands of the system will improve which slows down when many heavy applications are set to be working at the back end. The process is simple and easy, try it and avail the feature of multitasking on your iPhone. Enjoy!

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