Fixing the skipping problem of Pandora song on iPhone

Sometimes when you have updated your iOS device for unknown reasons Pandora will show some errors or start malfunctioning by skipping and shuttering songs and this usually is observed in iphones and ipod touch. This problem leads the device and application to stop playing songs completely and it is very annoying especially when you are

Disabling Ring backs on Rogers

Rogers iphone updated version sticks you with their ring back services which is very irritating. If you are desperate to know how to turn it off here is the solution. Turning the ring back feature is not that easy as the company does not want to give up so easily. Ring backs is a source

Transfer contacts from old phone to new Version iPhone WITH VZ Contact Transfer

If you have bought a new iphone and already use Verizon application services, then you must avail the Verizon Contact transfer application. This application is available on iTunes App store free of cost. Verizon application pulls your contacts from the old phone you were using to new VZ iphone through Verizon’s Backup assistance services. This

Setting Custom SMS Text Tones for iPhone 4

If you are bored of listening to the same text message tone on the iphone you need to change it and set a custom SMS tone to the individual contacts. Before telling you further about changing process keep in mind this requires the latest version of iOS like iOS 5 or later. Previous versions have

Quitting multitask apps on the iPhone

Latest release of iOS 4 has introduced new features like multitasking in iphones and ipod, ipod touch. By this feature you can open more than one application in a time but quitting these apps running in the background is an issue to be addressed here. User can close all these unwanted application running at the