Disabling iTunes from Automatically Opening When iPhone / iPod is Connected

In iphones and ipod the default settings allows the device to automatically connect with the iTunes support center when connected with any network. This feature is very supportive but sometimes it becomes very annoying especially when your preferences are different. This feature can easily be turned off by disabling the options of auto connect within

Quitting multitask apps on the iPhone

Latest release of iOS 4 has introduced new features like multitasking in iphones and ipod, ipod touch. By this feature you can open more than one application in a time but quitting these apps running in the background is an issue to be addressed here. User can close all these unwanted application running at the

Playing any video format on iPad with VLC

VLC has announced new versions to be integrated in iOS devices. VLC for iPad has been launched finally. This is great news for the iOS devices users as they are now able to watch most video file types directly on ipad without changing them to other formats like wmv, flv, or mp4. In old days