Playing any video format on iPad with VLC

VLC has announced new versions to be integrated in iOS devices. VLC for iPad has been launched finally. This is great news for the iOS devices users as they are now able to watch most video file types directly on ipad without changing them to other formats like wmv, flv, or mp4. In old days you were required to first convert the file and then play it on the ipad. This process is complex and requires much of the time depending on the size of the file.

VLC is great video player software that is compatible and available for all operating systems like Mac OS X and windows as well as for Linux. This software can play any video format and also has the feature of ripping the DVD too. It can also stream online videos and has the ability to make playlists and store them in the library in your system.

Keep in mind this VLC release is for ipads specifically not for ipod and iphone till yet but soon they will be available in the itune stores and you can avail this software on your iphones as well.

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