VLC player

Playing any video format on iPad with VLC

VLC has announced new versions to be integrated in iOS devices. VLC for iPad has been launched finally. This is great news for the iOS devices users as they are now able to watch most video file types directly on ipad without changing them to other formats like wmv, flv, or mp4. In old days

VLC media is now available for iPod and iPhone

Now days, VLC is the most favorite media player. Great news for Apple users! After iPod VLC, you can get it for iPod touch and iPhone too. In this guide, you will see how to download and use VLC in iPhone or iPod touch device. Firstly you need to download VLC media player. You can

VLC Player: Convert .AVI To MP4 for iPhone

Torrents are useful for sharing files. For iPhone, many of the torrents are available in .avi extension. To use in iPhone, they need to be converted to .mp4. Using the VLC app, .avi files can be easily converted to .mp4. Follow the given process to convert the .avi torrents files to .mp4 files: Find VLC