How to create USB Boot Disk For Mac

Mac systems are no different than any other operating system and during their use it is bound that they will get problems that are either caused by the hard drive or some other part that causes the OS to crash and other problems that make the OS to seize up and to have troubles starting up. To get this problem solved in an easy manner is to create a boot disk that shall help the system to start up in a proper manner. Now there are several ways to create a startup boot disk and among one of these methods is the use of the flash drive. The flash drive being one of the portable methods of data transfer can now work as a boot disk device.

There are a few ways through which this can be done. The following steps will supply the essentials to get the USB device started up as a boot device for your OS.

  • You need to get a USB drive of about 16 GB to get the OS backup on it
  • An intel based Macintosh and an install version of DVD 10.5 OS X
  • Go to Applications/Utilties and get the USB formatted and enter the new name for it
  • Selected a single Partition option for it and click Ok once done
  • Go to the USB’s info and expand up the sharing and information and remove the mark from the “Ignore Ownership on this volume”
  • Close the panel and get started with the installation of the OS X 10.5 on your Flash drive

Once done with it, your flash drive will now act as a backup resource whenever your OS crashes.

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