Internet Of Things, For Beginners

Even if you have never heard of the term, it is almost definite that you have used it in your daily life. Whether you have connected your cell phone and car keys with a two way transmitter to insure you don’t misplace either of them or you have microchipped your beloved pet, you are using the internet of things. A term first used in 1999 refers using radio frequency in order to keep track of daily objects through barcodes or things of the sort.


Are you the type of person that misplaces things regularly? Car keys seem to mysteriously disappear daily, you often forget where you put that all so important document that you needed to get to your boss yesterday. Have you gone to such extremes that you have opted to rent self storage in order to keep track of everything that is important?

Luckily, the continuing growth in technology allows you to keep better track of everything that is important.  Don’t get rid of your storage unit just yet, just use it for what it is meant for, a place to put things that you don’t want to throw out but don’t have room for. For all other things, use the resources that are so prevalent in our society. The one thing that is pretty much universal is technology, and the advances that come with it are constantly moving forward. Making it much easier to keep track of the things that are important in your life.

Currently we are able to connect our cell phones or iPads to our homes and use them to control lights, sounds and even alarm systems. We are able to store important documents and set alarms on all electronic devices to remind us of where things are and when we will need them. This is just a few ways in which we use the internet of things. Incredible to many, this hasn’t even touched the surface of what is to come in the not so distant future.

In theory the internet of things will take the need to remember pretty much unnecessary. Everything will be done electronically. From text messages sent directly from your plants to let you know they are hungry. To your bed notifying your coffee=maker of a restless nights sleep, telling your coffee maker to make your brew a little stronger that day.

The internet of things will allow us to soon be able to have apps for our cars, refrigerators, thermostats and pretty much all of our daily electronics. While communication between your bed and coffee maker may be a long way off, controlling most everything in your daily life is closer than one might realize.

Many things have been approved and are ready to work, however with hackers being the source of a lot of problems when it comes to computers, it raises some concern. Finding ways to keep the hackers out, is one of the biggest areas in which experts are trying to remain a step ahead. It takes identity theft to a whole new level, hackers could potentially then control the electricity of every house in the city, or even state. Doing this to one house, would not be a big deal. But cranking up the air on thousands if millions of homes could cause blow-outs that could have devastating affects.

A texting plant may be completely out of reach and to most seems impossible, strides are being made daily that could move us to that direction. Maybe long after your life, but this is something that future generations could know as a way of life. It is already said that the industry of the internet of things is going to be worth trillions of dollars. With a financial outlook like that it is easy to see that the sky is now the limits when it comes to remember or not remembering things for that matter.


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