Top 10 Safest Countries In The World

Living a safe and happy life is the dream of every human being. No one wants to get robbed or have a gun pointed to their face, do they? Unfortunately, the crime rate in the whole world is just high enough to prevent this dream from coming though. Therefore, we have compiled a list of top 10 safest countries in the world. These countries have almost zero crime rates and one can live safely here. No more robberies, snatching, attacks and what not. Have a look and pick one for yourself and your family.

10. Sweden

10Coming In at number 10, Sweden is renowned for not being in the news; be it any terrorist activities or internal issues of the government. It also enjoys a high ranking when it comes to tourism. One may find a lot of scenic beauty and natural grace in Sweden. The loving environment just adds to it! Even if you don’t plan on settling down here, be sure to visit this country.



9. Finland

9A small, peaceful and full of snow peninsula; Finland keeps you away from international conflicts and crimes. Oh yes, that ‘full of snow’ phrase was used because it snows in Finland for over six months and makes the peninsula look quite spectacular. The environment is just fantastic and  very safe.



8. Austria

8Ah, the land of music; Austria enjoys the number eight spot on our list with mountains and landscapes. Although it lies in Central Europe, it has managed to maintain good relations with its neighbors and has a very low crime rate. Austria is known as the ‘land of music’ because it  gave birth to some of the best musicians in the world.


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