Facebook Home Launcher Comes Along With Good & Bad News!


By now most of you would have already known about Facebook’s upcoming first phone, known as “HTC First”. But now you can enjoy the same Facebook home launcher on you android smart phones and tablets as well. Yesterday, Facebook launched their new Facebook home launcher app where you directly get you Facebook updates on the home screen. So now you don’t have to toggle the FB app to check your news feeds.

Though its quite a good news for social network addicts but it comes with some serious shortcomings as well. A major disadvantage of this launcher is that you will lose your Android notifications in favor of FB ones.  Moreover your Facebook launcher won’t be good with you Android OS since it won’t allow you to run Calls/SMS, email, Google play and many more things. So if you want to interact with your phone like before, you will have to close the launcher.

However, the Facebook launcher along with the notifications and other apps running simultaneously will just be available on HTC First. Check the app out on Google Play and tell us how you experience!

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