Disabling Ring backs on Rogers

Rogers iphone updated version sticks you with their ring back services which is very irritating. If you are desperate to know how to turn it off here is the solution. Turning the ring back feature is not that easy as the company does not want to give up so easily. Ring backs is a source of earning for Rogers and they keep on trying to convince you to avail ring back facility and pay money for it. If you are committed to unsubscribe this feature try to follow the given instructions and it will definitely work as this procedure is taken from the Rogers Customer care center:

  1. From your Rogers iPhone, text 555 with the word OFF.
  2. You’ll get an auto responder with a link to
  3. Tap the link. You need to be on Rogers’ network (i.e. not Wi-Fi)
  4. Scroll down to the bottom and turn OFF both Ringbacks and Voice Greetings.
  5. Once turned “Off” that’s done!

After disabling this feature a number of calls will be given to you to set this facility in your service list. Sometimes they would use a conventional trick of using references. Unless you really want it say “Yes” to them otherwise just ignore them.

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