Playback video in slow motion on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

In all the iOS devices like iphone, ipad touch, and ipod there is an in built apple video player which has the feature of playing back video in slow motion. This application is very handy and easy. It enables the video to play in slow motion with audio adjustment. This application is very useful if you are watching a tutorial or a recipe video on you iphone, ipad or ipod. Following are the steps involved in adjusting the play rate of the movie:

  • Open up a video you would like to watch
  • Play the video then select pause before the part you would like to watch in slow-motion
  • Hold down the fast-forward control button at the same time as it is paused
  • The video will now continue in slow-motion as long as you hold your finger on the fast-forward button

That is all there is to it, you will now be able to view your video in slow-motion. This does not require any update or separate application pack to be installed. iPhones and other iOS devices have this feature for user convenience do avail it.

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