Apple launched Multitasking Concept for iOS devices

Finally this year, Apple has developed the multitasking feature in its iOS devices. It’s time to be happy guys, your beloved iOS devices have got multitasking support and it has killed your effort and saved much time.

This wonderful concept came from Apple fan Marcos Antonio. The concept is very unique so Apple has launched it for its own products.

Today Apple has won and yes, you can listen Pandora while using other applications too. Yes, it lets you to stop the games that support multitasking concept like “Plants vs. Zombie” while you want to pay attention to other important tasks.

Are you unaware of this unique concept? Ok here you will get its description in detail. Multitasking allows users to switch very easily between multiple applications or between windows that are running different programs. Besides this, it also lets you to drag and drop application in to “workplace” that you are not running currently.

Let’s take a clear idea on what iOS multitasking is? IOS4 freezes the apps that you are not using from all apps that are running at the same time all this procedure happens with the exception of few functions. For instance, you are free to play Music in background, VoIP apps can make answer to calls.

It’s really great. What do you think friends?

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