RIM Black Berry Playbook

RIM Black Berry Playbook is out matched by the competitors with more versatile and complete feature sets. Excellent user interface, Sharp, Beautiful screen. Top-notch browser with full Flash-video support. Wirelessly transfers files to and from computers on same network. Free internet tethering with Blackberry phones works well. But in PlayBook no native e-mail support, only

Apple launched Multitasking Concept for iOS devices

Finally this year, Apple has developed the multitasking feature in its iOS devices. It’s time to be happy guys, your beloved iOS devices have got multitasking support and it has killed your effort and saved much time. This wonderful concept came from Apple fan Marcos Antonio. The concept is very unique so Apple has launched

Ways of getting iOS 5 beta 1 Multi Gesture on iPad 1

It seems as iOS 5 beta will only be enabling iPad 2 with the multitasking gesture, while leaving iPad 1 users behind. The multitasking gesture enables the users to swipe down four or five fingers in between apps to bring up the multi tasking tray with a list of already running apps and pinch to

How to Enable Multitasking/ Background apps in iPad

These are instructions on how to run iPad applications in the background using Backgrounder. Step One You must have a jailbroken iPad. Step Two Press to launch Cydia from the Springboard. Step Three Press to choose Sections from the tabs at the bottom of the screen. Step Four Press to select System from the list of Sections. Step

New Features Apple iOS4.2 – A Review

Apple released the first beta version of iOS 4.2 yesterday, which is available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. While this new release brings features likeAirPrint to the iPhone, the focus has undeniably been on the iPad, which will finally get iOS 4 features like multitasking and folder management that were available only for the iPhone and

Hot New Features Uncovered in iPhone OS 4.0

Here’s the thing… We just installed the newly released iPhone OS 4.0 beta 3 and found quite a few changes. There are a lot of minor things like how the background of the multitasking interface matches the background in the iPad’s browser, but all of the big new changes are awaiting your perusal after the

Apple’s iPad Mistakes

The iPad has a lot going for it, but is also a big disappointment in many ways. Almost no product could have lived up to the insane hype leading up to Steve Jobs’s announcement, but the iPad certainly could have had more groundbreaking features.