Top 10 Mafia Movies

The Mafia genre in movies has been there for almost as long as movies have been around themselves. Infact, 1931’s Little Caesar is considered Pioneer of the genre. Today, we have a list of the best Mafia movies of all time for you. For a list of top 10 “Gangster” movies, go here. No 10. Casino –

Apple Applies For Patent To Remotely Disable JailBroken iPhone

U.S Copyright Office had exempted jailbreaking iPhone from the Digital Millennium Copyright Act making it legal for users in the US to jailbreak their iPhone. At that time, we had mentioned that it wouldn’t stop Apple from making it difficult to jailbreak iOS to stay ahead in the cat and mouse with the iPhone hacking community.

Hot New Features Uncovered in iPhone OS 4.0

Here’s the thing… We just installed the newly released iPhone OS 4.0 beta 3 and found quite a few changes. There are a lot of minor things like how the background of the multitasking interface matches the background in the iPad’s browser, but all of the big new changes are awaiting your perusal after the