Comparison of iPhone 4S With iPhone 4

During the “Let’s talk iPhone” event, not even the name of long awaited iPhone 5 was taken, however, as we all know the iPhone 4S got launched. Design wise, iPhone 4S looks exactly like iPhone 4, but hardware wise it’s at large new. Let’s see now as to how iPhone 4S is different or better

Reasons Why Android Should Fear iPhone 5

Apple’s projection of selling 25 million iPhones show the kind of faith its management has on iPhone 5. iPhone 5 is the most anticipated and awaited samartphone in not only U.S. but almost all over the world. Its release is just around the corner, many say that it will come out in October this year

iPhone or A Droid?

In order to purchase an iPhone or a Droid you should take a look at the reviews of those users online who have already used it and commented on them. Be carefully look at the tips that they gave regarding the purchase decision. According to the comments of the users given online, iPhone is much

Rumor: Apple Developing 15 And 17-inch MacBook Air Notebooks

As Apple’s new family of MacBook Airs is selling like hotcakes, the company is thought to be working to introduce 15- and 17-inch models with a similar minimalist design to capitalize on the trend towards ultra-mobile computing. The ultra-thin 15- and 17-inch Apple notebooks could potentially be introduced ahead of the holiday shopping season. Rumor

Blood Pressure Monitor Now Available For iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch!

A company named Withings has receontly launched a Blood Pressure Monitor to be used with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It is claimed by the company that this Blood Pressure Monitor is very user friendly as it only requires plugged into the device, and getting a reading. The Blood Pressure Monitor comes up only

Surveillance Coming To Find My iPhone?

When I heard about some cool new features that may be coming soon to Apple’s Find My iPhone feature, I got immensely intrigued. Find My iPhone is a free feature for anyone with an iPhone 4, iPad, or 4th generation iPod touch that allows you to locate your device via GPS It’s an extremely powerful aspect that

The Most Anticipated New Features of Mac OS X Lion

Ever since the new operating system has been unveiled by Apple on Monday, OS X Lion, tech bloggers have been selecting through the system’s 250+ features for their favorites. Here we’ve compiled the ones that are getting the best reviews. AirDrop “By selecting a new AirDrop menu option, users will be able to send documents

Top 10 WordPress Plugins

There are over 11,000 plugins for WordPress that give you more customization freedom than any other platform. But, choosing from them can be real headache if you don’t know specifically what you are looking for. Here is a list of some of the best plugins available for this engine that will make your life a

Video: How Plastic Banknotes Are Made

There are more than three billion polymer notes in use in more than 22 countries. For hundreds of years, banknotes have been made from rag-based paper. However, the increase in counterfeiting techniques, such as colour photocopiers and scanners, has meant that paper may not be the best material for making currency. CSIRO and Note Printing

10 Things to Know about iPhone 4

Besides being “beautiful,” what actually makes this iPhone different? After attending the unveiling and talking with analysts and bloggers, here’s our quick list of 10 things you should know about the iPhone 4, which goes on sale June 24, and costs between $199 and $299. Let us know if you have more questions and feel